Retrolan 0xD coming up

Retrolan 13

It’s only five days to our next Retrolan event! We all have been working very hard to make sure everything works perfectly. I’ve tested and re-tested all my eight PCs, configured the servers and gathered all important drivers and files to a CD-R.

We also have a poster for this event and some stickers. Notice Rapido’s awesome photoshop skillz used on the poster. And yeah, the poster is in finnish…

The retrolan "merchantise"

The retrolan ”merchandise”

At the moment we have 17 people signed up for the lan party, so this is going to be the most successful retrolan event EVER! I can’t wait to get to play Quake 3 Freeze Tag in 8 vs 8 setting! Or how about Blood with eight players in a small map? Madness!

My 8 retrolan pcs and two CRTs (17" and 19")

My 8 retrolan pcs and two CRTs (17″ and 19″)

I’m going to write a larger post after the lanparty is over, so see you next week!

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