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A device attached to the system is not functioning

Strange error I just tried to install Catalyst 6.12 drivers to the retrocompaq nr. 4, which has the Radeon 7000 32MB graphics card. The installer gave me this strange error telling me that the device isn’t working. I googled around … Lue loppuun

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A new retro PC for myself

The retrokor II I started to build a new retro pc (”retrokor II”) for myself, because the current machine’s motherboard is suffering from bulged capacitors. The current pc still works, but I don’t want to take a risk of it breaking … Lue loppuun

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Repairing my retro pc

The bulged capacitor I inspected my main retro pc’s capacitors and found out that one of them was already bulged and leaking. The capacitor was between two PCI slots, one of which has my Sound Blaster in it. The PC … Lue loppuun

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Four new retrolan PCs!

Compaqs to the rescue I was given four Compaq Deskpro computers as donation via an internet forum. Three of them have a Pentium III 866 MHz processor and one has a Celeton 700 MHz processor. All computers have 256 MB … Lue loppuun

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